Hulu Finally Unveils App For Samsung Gear VR, With Dozens Of VR Titles

Rose is an interesting entry on the Oculus Store. It’s an app from Penrose Studios, makers of VR films, which features a particularly inspired short film called Rosebud.

The U-Stone kind of looks and feels like a river rock in your hand. It has a pretty big capacity of 1200 mAh and charges things very fast. With that parameters you would expect to get something super chunky and heavy, but it is actually pretty slim. You won’t be able to carry it in your back pocket, of course, but the sleek design definitely makes it easy to gear vr review

Unlike it’s cousins – the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch R – who would try anything to pass as regular wrist watches on quick glance, the Gear S is definitely not subtle in its appearance and seems utterly uninterested in pretending to be a watch. The device is futuristic, with a wide wrist band and curved glass finish, but most importantly, it’s huge compared to the competition.

When you plug the phone into the headset for the first time, the Oculus software download will begin, and once this is done, you can use the headset. The Oculus software suite puts you inside a VR environment, and you can look around, navigate through the store, and through different VR experiences; it’s like a launcher for VR and it serves as your home screen. When you start, there is a small calibration process that involves looking around, and Oculus teaches you how to use the trackpad on the side of the screen, and then you’re free to do whatever you want.

Anyone who remembers the classic Bomberman will find something to love in BombSquad. While it ditches the mazes for a more open playing field, this is a remarkably good use of VR. It feels like you’re hovering over the field, watching and controlling little minions of doom. The overarching perspective and adorable graphics make BombSquad feel like the high-tech evolution of a board game. It’s a great use of the third person perspective as well and offers a horde of multiplayer-centric mini-games, although only over a local network (it’s cross-compatible with other versions though).


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