Huawei Virtual Reality Headset Will Compete With Samsung Gear VR For Mobile Supremacy

Samsung is taking aim at the sweet spot between usability and affordability with its new sub- $100 Gear VR device , announced during last week’s Samsung developer conference.

The fog issue seems to be the only large one on the Gear VR. This is good news for Samsung, who stressed the unit was for developers and not an official consumer release yet. Some people, who are Sprint or Verizon subscribers, had to wait until the networks updated the Galaxy Note 4 so it could be used with the Gear VR. There are also some users who claim that the lenses scratch too easily-this has been the same case with the Oculus Rift DK2 Let’s hope the fogging problem is fixed with the next versions of both of these amazing virtual reality devices.

Due to the lack of special treatment on the glass, glare can be a problem in outdoor, sunlit conditions. However, what it lacks in fancy glass it makes up for in sheer brightness. Sunlight legibility is above average for an LCD display at 50% or higher brightness, only being untolerable under very intense, direct sunlight. Setting the brightness to auto under sunlight is advisable. The light sensor poll rate is also fast and gradually and very subtly adjusts brightness in as fast as 1 second.

This lack of quality experiences is perhaps understandable when the headset is so much cheaper than its rivals, but whereas other headset demos have continually blown us away with their ingenious use of VR technology, our time with the Gear left us feeling distinctly unimpressed. What’s more, we can’t help but think this is the type of experience Oculus founder Palmer Luckey might have been talking about when he said that ‘really bad VR is the only thing that can kill off VR’. The Gear VR might surprise us by becoming a mass market hit, but we fear its novelty factor will be pretty short-lived.

We can now hear and see events that take place thousands of miles away in a matter of seconds, often quicker than we hear of events in our own villages or even families, and McLuhan argues that it is the speed of these electronic media that allow us to act and react to global issues at the same speed as normal face-to-face, verbal/spoke/written communication.

This is important to note, that whilst we think that humans have advanced technologically, we should also pay attention to those deleterious and dangerous effect that alter the psyche and ways enter to win a free Gear VR of seeing and thinking that is has been done by humans from when time begin. We are at present giving up our ways of thinking and acting, and allowing these new gizmos to do everything for gear vr controllersamsung gear vr price


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