Intro To Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality headset from Samsung and Oculus VR that uses the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone as a screen and processing gear vr app

Apple, on the other hand, has been pretty mum on the topic of virtual-reality. It has announced no new products or applications; in fact, it hasn’t said anything at all about it. Most of the world’s attention is focused on the Apple Watch. It seems as if the virtual-reality revolution is being overlooked by a large percentage of the population, at least as far as Apple users go.

Everybody else in the world knows about the power, investment and wealth of some of the companies in the Third World, and the Americans, to date, are still not aware that these companies hold tightly to the ideas of making profit without having to work for it, not having to be taxed much for it, and not having to pay cheap labor, which is in abundance in the developing countries. The Bankrupting America is an old idea which is not necessarily a new idea as it is being understood today.

According to Gizmodo Australia , Qantas is providing two units each for the Mebourne and Sydney first-class lounges, four for inbound flights from LA and another four for outgoing flights to the city. The lounges will be stocked with the units as soon as mid-February, whereas the planes themselves won’t be offering the device until mid-March. If you’re just looking to experience using the virtual reality headset, though, it might be wiser to just buy the $200 Gear VR and the $700 phone to power it, as each top-tier round-trip ticket for those Qantas flights cost roughly 20 grand.

So instead of using digital technology to create more time and creative space for people, we used it to take more time from people. The technologies we developed became much more about retaining the attention of consumers, monitoring employees, and keeping people engaged 24/7. Email, for example, is not intrinsically annoying. It would sit there and wait until we got to it. It’s the people on the other side of the email whose expectations have been raised. And we who have agreed to keep checking, or to get pinged every time someone wants us.

The very ideas we assume are ‘ideas’ but computer and web generated and facilitated as we understand, know and use them today, are to be questioned and looked at anew. In our sheer dependence and relying on these new ideas in the new environments of the present-day technological societies, we are going to have to reexamine the check these guys out past and presently held assumptions, and gullibility to the new ways of seeing and thinking, as molded and determined by the this environment. The war on ideas is caused by our failure to understand and know that these media gizmos, techniques and environments are the causes of our dependency-as we have allowed this to gear vr review


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